GAP-a-Farm: simplified recording of farm events

GAP-a-Farm is a research tool that seeks to explore the role of ICT in the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices. It is an experimental prototype that explores simplified recording of activities in the farm as an opportunity to offer recommendations and alerts for the application of good agricultural practices.

If you are interested in learning more about it or taking part in a pilot test, send an email to one of the responsible researchers:

  • Alejandro Fernandez (
  • Mariana del Pino (

GAP-a-Farm is open source (licensed under the GPL3) and is available at github


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Demonstrator video (English)

Video Demostrador (En Español)

Presentation at Jornada AGTech en Producción Organica ( Spanish)

Tutorial at the RUC-APS 2021 conference (Spanish)